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Shenyang Vacuum Gas Atomization Pulverizing Equipment Manufacturers Share Structural Application of Vacuum Gas Atomization Pulverizing Equipment

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2022/11/15 20:03

Warm reminder, the structure of Shenyang real gas atomization pulverizing equipment consists of the following components: melting system, atomization system, vacuum pump system, pneumatic valve charging air supply system, powder collection and collection system, cooling circulating water system, PLC control system, service platform system, etc.

The following, by the detailed description of the structure of the real gas atomization pulverizing equipment.

Melting system; The melting system consists of furnace wall, electromagnetic coil, multi-transfer station device, dialog box, tilting furnace device and tundish. The furnace wall is a closed vacuum container with double-layer structure. The inner cavity is made of stainless steel plate, the surface is made of carbon steel (stainless steel plate can be made according to customer's requirements), and the middle is water-cooled for heat dissipation. The multi-transfer station device is developed by our company based on products imported from France, including secondary feeding, (Other functional stations can be upgraded according to customer's requirements); This dialog box can observe the conditions in the furnace during the whole process. Shi Ying film with high transmittance is used to ensure the accuracy of infrared or double colorimeter temperature measuring devices. The electromagnetic coil is the key to smelting. The electromagnetic coil is equipped with a clamp pot, which is suitable for smelting and pouring.

The tundish is installed on the water system to store molten metal in liquid state and has the function of heat insulation. It is smaller than the clamp pot of the melting system and has a slender structure. The tundish thermostatic furnace has its own heating system and temperature accurate measurement system. There are mainly two heating methods: resistance heating and high frequency induction heating. Generally, the heating temperature of resistance wire can reach 1000, and the heating temperature of electromagnetic induction can reach 1500 or higher. Therefore, selection of scientific and reasonable clamp pot raw materials is very necessary.

2. Vacuum pump system; The vacuum pump system is a device for vacuuming substances. According to the requirements of vacuum value and capacity, it is equipped with different types of vacuum pump modules and can be equipped with different levels of mechanical pumps, such as rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve pump, Roots vacuum pump, diffusion pump, etc., and its furnace wall, atomization tower, atomized powder storage tank, etc., which are connected by vacuum pipe and pneumatic vacuum valve.

3. Atomization system; Atomization system consists of nozzle, high pressure gas pipe, gate valve and so on.

4. Dust removal equipment, in the case of crushing, a part of ultra-fine powder accompanied by high-pressure gas fly out along the pipeline, must be collected and solved to prevent air pollution and consumption of various materials. The hurricane collection method adopted by our company is based on the renewal and transformation of imported products from France.

5. pneumatic valve to increase the gas supply system; gas supply system is for the atomization nozzle gas supply device, by the pressurized water pump, gate valve, hydraulic hose and bus duct.

6. Refrigeration system; most of all machinery and equipment are equipped with water cooling, refrigeration system is indispensable, the temperature of the cooling circulating water will be reflected in the secondary instrument to ensure the operation of the machinery and equipment.

Manipulation system; The manipulation system is the operation control center of the device. Each operation and related data are transmitted to the PLC of the system. According to the calculation and display results, the automatic control system of drying, vacuum packaging and melting can also be completed.

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