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Flake iron silicon aluminum you know how much?

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2022/11/28 21:30

Iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring is a ring-shaped magnet, which is one of the magnetic rings with high utilization rate. In simple terms, iron-silicon-aluminum is composed of aluminum-silicon-iron. In the world, iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring can be called magnetic powder core. Its core loss is much lower than the iron powder core and high magnetic flux, is a low-cost energy storage material, no thermal aging, can be used to replace the iron powder core, the performance is very stable at high temperature, the standard color of iron silicon aluminum is black.

Siron-silicon-aluminum and gap ferrite are two commonly used materials. In terms of soft saturation, gap ferrite must be designed in the region of the decline curve. KoolMµ is designed in a controlled range of descent curves to provide good fault tolerance, especially at high power.

Due to the production of iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring, in the pure iron to join the silicon and aluminum high content material, so that the material's hysteresis coefficient close to zero, reducing the material will be electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy ability.

To sum up, in the selection of magnetic cores, we should pay attention to four issues: select the appropriate magnetic core material, iron silicon aluminum (KoolMµ), molybdenum permalloy, high magnetic flux, iron silicon alloy or ferrite; second, select the appropriate magnetic core size, including shape and size; Third, attention should be paid to winding considerations, such as current density, winding length and number of turns; The fourth point, choose a balance between performance and cost.

The company is a leading enterprise of metal soft magnetic powder core, covering the complete industrial chain of metal soft magnetic powder core. Through independent innovation, we have fully mastered the whole process system and core technology of the research and development, manufacturing, insulation and molding of iron-silicon, iron-silicon-aluminum and other powders.

Common power transformer design methods, the choice of magnetic core, the use of design software, etc. Design software including conventional arithmetic software, as well as finite element software. Various core magnetic material characteristics, whether to understand, ferrite, iron silicon aluminum, iron silicon. What's the difference. How to deal with transformer safety regulations?

Acquisition, the company to improve the C business upstream layout. In January 2022, the Company announced that it intends to acquire a 97% stake in 0.194 billion yuan, and the Company will continue to acquire the remaining 3% stake in July 2022, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Mainly engaged in iron silicon, iron silicon aluminum, iron nickel and other soft magnetic alloy powder research and development, production and sales. It is an important supplier to Company C's business entity. The acquisition and improvement of the upstream layout of the soft magnetic composite material industry chain will lay a solid foundation for the realization of the company's independent control in the soft magnetic composite material supply chain, and will bring good synergies to the company's soft magnetic composite material business development.

The magnetic core is the core component of the magnetic ring inductor, which determines the physical characteristics of the magnetic core magnetic ring inductor. Common magnetic ring inductor core types are: iron silicon aluminum magnetic core, nickel zinc magnetic core, manganese zinc magnetic core, iron powder zinc magnetic core, and amorphous magnetic core type.

The magnetic combination three-phase reactor core adopts low loss magnetic combination design, and the coil adopts vertical winding mode, which has high frequency, low noise, high harmonic modeling effect, two high heat dissipation performance and excellent EMC effect. The block magnetic powder core reactor and the vertical winding reactor are designed with block iron core and iron silicon nickel iron silicon aluminum core, which have extremely low noise, harmonic modeling effect and reliable structure design. It is mostly used in photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation inverter, UPS power supply and automobile charging pile.

Second, the aluminum chips are placed in the groove of the ramming machine, and screened after the aluminum becomes very thin and fine. Only by this method can the aluminum powder have metallic color and shielding function, and also have a positive particle state. The ductile aluminum gradually becomes flakes and breaks under impact. The pounding pestle is driven by the machine to continuously punch the aluminum chips in the groove. The aluminum powder particles for the pigment are scaly. Is one of the main varieties of unshaped refractory materials.

Summarize the characteristics of ferrosilicon aluminum: appropriate cost, better than molybdenum permalloy/high magnetic flux and composite alloy; lower loss, better than iron powder core; high saturation, better than gap ferrite; close to zero magnetostriction, better than iron powder core; no thermal aging phenomenon, better than iron powder core; soft saturation, better than gap ferrite and composite alloy.

A: The company's soft magnetic ferrite is mainly manganese zinc and nickel zinc products. At present, the company to composite materials (iron silicon, iron silicon aluminum, iron nickel, iron nickel molybdenum, etc.) in the form of inductors to cut into the market, cut into new application areas of the market, and the original customers do not conflict.

Founded in 2009 and listed in 2019, it is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on soft magnetic powder, metal magnetic powder core and application solutions. The company has fully mastered the iron silicon, iron silicon aluminum, iron silicon chromium and other from the powder research and development, insulation, molding of metal magnetic powder core full process core technology, atomization technology field advantages deep barriers. The company's products include alloy soft magnetic powder, alloy soft magnetic powder core, inductive components, etc., which are mainly used in photovoltaic power generation inverters, new energy vehicles, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), variable frequency air conditioners and other fields. At present, the company has established stable cooperative relations with well-known manufacturers in the power electronics field at home and abroad, covering users including foreign power service providers such as,,,,,,,, and other domestic power electronics superior enterprises.

Alloy soft magnetic powder core products are mainly used in photovoltaic inverters in the field of photovoltaic power generation. The iron silicon aluminum magnetic powder core is a better choice for the power inductor of the series photovoltaic inverter.

Intelligent CNC wire cutting equipment, by independent research and development production, to achieve the iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring in the wire cutting technology of high precision, high quality, rate of demand. Pay attention to micro-precision cutting and processing, can process all kinds of special-shaped structural parts, and have been committed to intelligent research and development of small and medium-sized wire cutting for many years. When processing iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic rings, the wire cutting machine can realize two modes of cross cutting or vertical cutting. The handle is simple to operate, the clamp is firm, the wire cutting is stable, the fracture is smooth and defect-free, and the flatness is high, which protects the axis of the magnetic ring from deviation, the smoothness of the whole slicing process is guaranteed, the quality of the finished product is high, and the economic benefit is increased.

Gross margin is lower than C tap, but the unit price is higher. The reason for the large gap between the gross margin of soft magnetic materials is mainly due to the fact that the raw materials are completely self-supplied and take the form of outsourcing. The company this year to acquire powder factory, to achieve the extension of the industrial chain, the future with the self-sufficiency rate of soft magnetic powder gradually increased, soft magnetic business gross margin ceiling is expected to be benchmarked. In addition, in terms of product structure, the main focus is on photovoltaic iron silicon aluminum products, while the soft magnetic plate adopts a multi-material development strategy.

(2) Metal pigments: Generally, there are copper pigments and aluminum pigments. Aluminum pigment particles are flaky and spherical. The appearance requirements of the parts should be considered when designing. The choice of flaky aluminum pigments will have better gloss.

We have mastered the core technology of metal soft magnetic powder, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level. The company's subsidiaries have successfully developed a series of alloy powders such as gas-atomized iron-silicon powder, gas-atomized iron-silicon-aluminum, and gas-atomized iron-nickel in December 2014.

The function of the aluminum powder ball mill is to grind the aluminum in the aluminum powder ash through steel balls to extend the aluminum into flake and foil-like aluminum, which is an important preparation for the process of extracting aluminum from the aluminum powder ash. Aluminum ash can be used as a raw material for the production of aluminum chloride series water purifying agent, so that waste aluminum can be recycled to the best of everything, or treated aluminum ash can be used as a joint material instead of ice fine stone for electrolytic aluminum raw material.

From the powder core subdivision products, mainly iron silicon chromium soft magnetic powder core, iron silicon aluminum soft magnetic powder core, mainly used in high anti-rust requirements, high temperature requirements, relatively sensitive price scenes, such as home air conditioners, smart phones, notebook computers and so on.

In addition to the influence of silicon element on the magnetic properties of ferrosilicon, the influence of other component metal elements such as aluminum and titanium in ferrosilicon can not be ignored, thus affecting the choice of iron-silicon ratio.

Compared with conventional ferrosilicon aluminum products, the super ferrosilicon aluminum powder developed by the company has the characteristics of high magnetic conductivity, high DC bias, ultra-low loss, no noise at different frequencies and high temperature, which can be widely used in high-end server power supply, new energy electric vehicles, high-end household appliances, photovoltaic inverters and other fields.

The atomization method is the mainstream of the current milling process, with good sphericity, which is conducive to the improvement of magnetic permeability and saturation magnetic flux density. The pulverizing method mainly includes atomization method and crushing method: 1) atomization method: atomization method is divided into gas atomization method and water atomization method. The atomization medium sprayed at high speed impacts the alloy liquid, so that it is broken into fine droplets and then the required soft magnetic powder is obtained by rapid cooling. The powder shape produced by this method is mostly spherical in the pressing molding can keep the surface insulation layer intact, can improve the resistivity of the material, is conducive to the improvement of magnetic conductivity and magnetic flux density of the production cost is low, the preparation process is simple and easy to industrial production, is the current iron silicon aluminum, iron nickel and other magnetic powder core mainstream production process. 2) Crushing method: The crushing method is to embrittle the amorphous or nanocrystalline alloy thin strip at a certain temperature, and use mechanical crushing methods such as ball milling to process the embrittled thin strip into powder that meets the technical requirements.

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