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How to choose vacuum gas atomization

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2022/12/05 21:01

Dry Fog Dust Suppression Technology This kind of technology captures dust by means of clouding and water mist, allowing water mist to combine with its air or dust particles to form dust and water mist or agglomerates, which are left behind by gravity but settle down to suppress dust at source, and can effectively solve the treatment problem of dust discharge without preparation in a partially closed/fully closed state. Gas such as water mixing atomization, can continuously obtain more and more fine spray particles. The dust suppression nozzle belongs to the atomization series products, and the dry fog dust removal nozzle spray water volume is small compared with the insecticidal nozzle products.

Aerodynamic interference theory was first proposed. He proposed that unstable vibration occurred on the surface of the jet due to the aerodynamic influence of the surrounding gas and the jet when the spray was sprayed. Subsequently, the jet speed increases, and the length of this unstable wave on the surface of the water droplet becomes shorter and shorter, becoming on the order of microns (μm), and the jet is dispersed into a mist. The turbulence perturbation theory [48] suggests that the turbulence of the turbulent body itself is an important parameter, and that jet atomization is a process that occurs primarily inside the nozzle. At the same time, some people hold different opinions, that the radial velocity of turbulent pipe flow in the nozzle directly produces disturbance at the nozzle outlet, and then produces atomization.

How to choose Anhui flue spray (or here! 2022 has been updated) sIZtOe -- "tobacco industry humidification atomizing nozzle benefits so much? many manufacturers are wondering, should choose which humidification atomizing nozzle is better? spray purification technology manufacturers based on years of experience for you to answer. In the cigarette pack, the cigarette storage warehouse uses the centrifugal printing industry humidification atomizing nozzle. In the tobacco preparation library, tobacco alcoholization library using ultrasonic printing industry humidification atomization nozzle is better. Spray purification technology ultrasonic tobacco industry humidification atomization nozzle spray atomization particles are very small! It can evaporate quickly, spray evenly, and has obvious humidification effect. It can keep the relative humidity of the air at about 60%, which greatly reduces the damage rate of tobacco leaves. The dust removal effect is obvious, and it is widely used in tobacco plant."

High-pressure atomization system is a new type of energy-saving cooling equipment, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The system uses a high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the water and then transmit it to a high-pressure atomizing nozzle through a high-pressure pipeline system to form micro-mist particles and spray them into the air. The water mist forms a full heat and moisture exchange with the air, absorbs heat and is vaporized. It is completely absorbed in the air, and the temperature of the air drops due to the loss of sensible heat to achieve the purpose of cooling. After the whole set of equipment is started, the ambient temperature can drop by 3-7 ℃ instantly, and the average atomization of 1 liter of water only needs 6W of electric energy, which saves energy obviously. At the same time, the spray head can form a layer of light yarn-like clouds around it, effectively maintaining the humidity of the space.

Air atomizing nozzles are divided into three categories: high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure according to the different air pressures used. In order to obtain high-pressure air, air compressors must be used for high-pressure air atomizing nozzles, so they are rarely used in boilers.

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