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How to choose centrifugal atomization equipment

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2023/01/09 21:01

Our company provides Thermo centrifuge sales and after-sales maintenance services. Our scientific research service team provides high-quality technical support and after-sales maintenance services for scientific researchers. It is our goal to help laboratory instruments and equipment run in good condition and extend the service life of instruments and equipment.

The main equipment for solid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical and other production processes. Is the chemical industry, we will talk about why the need for nitrogen protection device and its protection measures are what! The requirements of the nitrogen protection device are also different, and in this, the centrifuge is widely used in many fields.

Atomized alloy powder refers to the use of high-pressure air flow or water flow, centrifugal force and other processes, one or more molten metal flow is crushed into droplets, condensed to obtain metal or alloy powder. According to the different atomization medium, the atomization method can be divided into gas atomization, water atomization, centrifugal atomization and other processes.

In industrial production, long-term operation of the spray drying equipment will cause the residual material liquid on the atomizer to dry and adhere to the atomizer at a continuous temperature, so that the atomizer blades are difficult to maintain smooth and smooth so that the subsequent entry The liquid cannot be evenly distributed on the atomizing disc. With the production of the feed, the feed liquid will fall directly to the bottom of the cavity into large droplets due to the decline of the atomization effect. In this case, the wear and lubrication of the centrifuge can be judged by observing the current change trend of the atomizer. If the current change is abnormal, the centrifugal atomizer needs to be shut down for cleaning.

At present, the nozzles commonly used in fine water mist fire extinguishing systems have "a variety of structural forms: single-phase centrifugal and gas-liquid two-phase. Taking single-phase centrifugal as an example, the particle size distribution of liquid atomized particles under different pressure, aperture and jet distance is measured, and the influence of each parameter on the atomization effect of the nozzle is discussed. and focus on these parameters, the following conclusions are obtained.

After the centrifugation is completed, the equipment sends out an alarm sound, indicating the end of centrifugation. Open the lid of the device to remove the sample, clean the centrifugal chamber and rotor to keep it dry.

The intelligent workshop atomization dust suppression equipment system developed by Ailan Environmental Protection adopts PLC control, and the main pump is equipped with frequency converter to realize the soft start of the pump and the constant setting of water pressure. And the workshop atomization dust reduction equipment integrates multiple sets of sensors in the host to collect data such as water pressure, water level, dust concentration, temperature and the like in real time, and adjusts the running state of the machine according to the real-time data to make the spray pressure constant, so that the atomization effect of the spray head achieves the ideal effect. The main machine of the workshop atomization dust suppression equipment comes with micron-level filtration, which has the functions of automatic water replenishment and water shortage shutdown protection. The main machine of the workshop atomization dust suppression equipment has a purging function, which can solve the problem of freezing in winter.

High-pressure atomization process: Siemens motor is used as the power, combined with high-pressure plunger water pump imported from Italy, and the high-pressure pump group pressurizes and atomizes the odor inhibitor to atomize the particles

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