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About water-gas combined atomization to understand

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2023/01/16 03:17

2, Chunlan clean new energy project leader said. On May 18, an application was filed at the electricity, water and gas installation window in Hailing District. On the second day, Taizhou power supply, water supply, gas, and communication companies appeared at the project site at the same time, instructing the project leader to fill in the joint application form on the spot. According to the requirements of the construction unit, all parties involved in the construction jointly studied the project design plan and completed the new energy. The joint survey of electricity, water and gas for energy projects. After the survey, the progress of the work procedure was scheduled within 3 days.

Based on the approval efficiency and speed up again. Through the initiative to meet the needs of enterprises, counseling and other measures, compression of the electricity and water network access involved in the relevant approval time limit, while further compression of the approval process. The project unit can independently choose joint acceptance or sectional acceptance according to the actual demand and construction situation. The operation unit can provide appointment connection service according to the demand of the enterprise, implement joint door-to-door service, full-process service, active detection and pressure test, realize simultaneous access to the electricity, water and gas network, reduce the installation time by more than 80% on average, further improve the installation efficiency and enhance the sense of acquisition of the enterprise.

The metal powder project has the international advanced level of complete preparation technology for ultrafine metal powder, and has established 16 metal powder production lines, including 12 ultra-high pressure water-gas combined atomization production lines, with a water atomized metal powder production capacity of 3000 tons/year. There are 4 gas atomization production lines, including 3 vacuum gas atomization production lines and 1 non-vacuum gas atomization production line, with a gas atomization metal powder production capacity of 700 tons/year. Among them, the 500kg milling production line was included in the 2018 equipment and is one of the large-scale powder preparation equipment in China.

Aerosol inhalation therapy is widely used in respiratory diseases. The combination of expectorant drugs, inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators plays an important role in improving respiratory symptoms and promoting the recovery of respiratory function. The compatibility of different drugs combined atomization should be evaluated before use, as well as the requirements for the capacity of the atomization device and the atomization time. The compatibility of the atomized expectorant drug is shown in Table 2.

In order to further optimize the business environment, the department will work together to overcome the problem of data barriers between the electricity, water and gas installation government affairs platform and the electricity marketing service platform, and formally realize the two-way interoperability and data sharing of the system on June 30, effectively solving the problems of complicated work order circulation approval and complicated docking and communication between electricity, water and gas companies, and reaching a new level of integrated development.

On the 20th, the special window in the district was officially opened. The special window was set up on the west side of the government service hall on the second floor of the district administrative examination and approval bureau. It is responsible for accepting the business of electricity, water, gas and network. It has been streamlined from the original business to provide integrated services such as business consultation, assistant agency, complaint handling and fee payment for enterprises, it has effectively solved the outstanding problems such as multiple handling of electricity, water and gas network installation, repeated declaration of materials and irregular service in the past, so that enterprises can complete the connection of electricity, water and gas network, effectively crack the situation, and improve the convenience of installation application.

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