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Some advantages of clean powder preparation experimental equipment

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2023/01/23 20:49

Whether it is equipped with a clean laboratory for separating and preparing samples, such as C A or B A laboratory, and equipped with corresponding equipment such as centrifuge, programmed temperature reduction instrument, blood analyzer, blood culture instrument, etc., to escort the preparation and detection of cells;

(2) Sample preparation area: mixing of laboratory samples and preparation of test samples. When there is no buffer room, the area is negative pressure or reduced pressure, and the exhaust system can be installed. The utensils used should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use to prevent cross-contamination. The main equipment includes refrigerator, biological cabinet (or clean table, exhaust cabinet), centrifuge, sampler, oscillator, constant temperature water bath, upper and lower water equipment, waste container and ultraviolet lamp. According to the nature and requirements of sample preparation, define whether the operating table is a biological cabinet, a clean table or a detoxing cabinet. For example, the CDC and clinical medical laboratories generally use biological cabinets, and detoxing cabinets can be used for plant transgenic and quarantine. Clean tables are selected for sample preparation requiring higher clean conditions.

Soil sample preparation laboratory equipment, also known as soil sample preparation laboratory equipment, soil sample preparation room equipment tools, soil sample transfer processing equipment, soil sample transfer point processing equipment.

(5) Local purification equipment: including air shower room, self-cleaning device, cleaning table and electronic sterilization device, etc. The air shower room is a separate local clean room at the entrance of the clean laboratory. When the door of the air shower room is opened to enter the air shower room, the air flow filtered by the medium effect and filter will reach a high speed of ≥ 25 m/s, then the personnel entering the nucleic acid sampling (rapid detection) booth and the dust particles attached to the surface of the equipment will be blown off and purified. The design of the air shower room is one of the advanced optimization facilities that Shanghai Qike nucleic acid sampling (rapid detection) booth is superior to its peers. Other local purification equipment should be selected according to different purification requirements and types, which will not be complicated here!

For, so far there is no general definition, usually refers to the use of a variety of automatic detection instruments, equipment and computers and other means to achieve measurement, sample preparation, pretreatment and other experimental processes and data processing of an integrated device.

Nucleic acid amplification testing laboratory. There should be at least three physically separate areas: a reagent preparation area (greater than 20 square meters), a sample preparation area (greater than 40 square meters), and an amplification and product analysis area (greater than 40 square meters). If the laboratory has a mechanical ventilation system, the ventilation of each area should be more than 10 times/hour; if there is no ventilation system, the sample preparation area and the amplification and product analysis area must have windows leading to the outside, and 1-2 external powerful exhaust fans can be installed on the windows. The corresponding laboratory area shall be equipped with sufficient laboratory tables for the extraction instrument, amplification instrument and other instruments and equipment. At the same time, the power consumption load of the laboratory should reach the load of the number of instruments placed.

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