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What do you know about the classification of clean powder preparation experimental equipment?

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2023/01/30 21:16

To undertake the design and installation of clean workshops, air purification engineering, environmental protection engineering, low temperature engineering, refrigeration engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, central air conditioning engineering, building intelligent engineering pharmaceutical workshop, dust-free purification room, biological engineering, clean operating room, aseptic laboratory, assembly workshop, extraction workshop and filling workshop in various industries all over the country. How does the purification workshop plan and design the scheme? What are the testing items for the qualified electronic factory purification project?

The undertaking hundred to one hundred thousand level purification workshop, clean laboratory, dust-free workshop, dust-free room, sterile room engineering transformation and construction. Our specific project services are as follows: construction of clean rooms, clean workshops, dust-free workshops, food and beverage filling workshops, microbiology laboratories with various purification levels, process requirements and plane layout. Design and construction of food plant purification workshop. Aseptic laboratory mainly includes air shower room, cargo shower room, FFU, clean table, clean shed, clean wardrobe, air supply outlet, air self-cleaner, filter, 100-level laminar flow hood, transmission window, regulating valve, residual pressure valve, air curtain machine and other purification equipment.

(1) Air handling equipment: Air handling equipment is generally a complete set of units composed of air conditioner (AHU), fresh air unit (MAU) and circulation unit (RAU). It is commonly used in air conditioning purification system for air heat and moisture exchange and air purification treatment equipment. This kind of equipment is especially suitable for purification laboratories with a certain scale, but requires the overall cooperation of other filters and purification devices, and the investment is relatively high; the relatively small laboratory air treatment equipment is composed of separate small equipment. For example, the cold and warm air conditioner is used as the cold and heat source to carry out simple treatment of temperature and humidity of the air, and then equipped with a fan filter unit (FFU) to clean the air, which is a relatively simple purification scheme. Such equipment is especially suitable for nucleic acid sampling (rapid detection) kiosks.

The powder prepared by this series of equipment has the characteristics of high cleanliness, high spherical rate, basically no satellite powder and hollow powder, narrow particle size distribution, good fluidity, etc. The powder has been fully verified in the fields of aerospace, nuclear industry and so on.

The received laboratory samples shall be pre-treated and mixed, and the samples for analysis shall be obtained after being divided by appropriate methods. The amount of samples to be analyzed should generally meet the needs of testing, reexamination or confirmation, and sample retention. If samples for measurement uncertainty evaluation are required, the number of analytical samples should be increased. Sample preparation for analysis shall be carried out in a separate area. Use clean sample preparation tools and containers to avoid leakage and contamination. Analysis of samples, samples are sealed in a clean plastic bag or inert container. Label the sample and store it in the specified temperature environment.

Scope: clean shed natural environment level appraisal, project completion acceptance inspection, including food clean shed, barreled purified water 100-grade clean shed, electronic equipment clean shed, GMP clean shed, laboratory, microbiology laboratory, ultra-clean bench, purification workshop, aseptic workshop, etc.

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