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Introduction of clean powder preparation experimental equipment for you

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2023/02/06 21:45

Laboratory automation equipment is widely used in all aspects of laboratory operation. Among them, the sample preparation process has great potential for automation applications due to the wide range of operations. Compared with manual sample preparation, automated sample preparation has obvious advantages in preparation efficiency, preparation quality, traceability, and personnel requirements, which can improve the management level and performance of the laboratory.

To all kinds of clean engineering-laboratory, clean room, clean corridor, clean room, clean workshop and other purification engineering one-stop service. Provide general contracting projects such as decoration materials, decoration equipment, decoration scheme design, etc., focusing on the clean engineering industry for 20 years, providing more one-stop clean engineering services for enterprises in the fields of electronics, food, manufacturing, high-density technology, pharmaceuticals, etc. Name the clean laboratory and clean room engineering mode you need. Our company will provide you with a satisfactory laboratory and clean room design scheme. We will reach cooperation after satisfaction! Professional decoration design all kinds of clean room, laboratory, workshop and other clean purification project, for your enterprise to create environmental protection suitable for enterprise development of good clean space environment.

Clean laboratory laboratories have passed the pharmaceutical clean testing center testing, for ten thousand clean laboratory. CIK immunity, super immune granulocyte, etc. How to design a sterile laboratory to achieve sterility? First of all, in the design process of a sterile laboratory, air conditioning equipment is the key, because temperature and humidity control can be said to be the core of the laboratory, and each laboratory has requirements for temperature and humidity. High precision.

() Total anti-cardiolipin antibody non-fixed value control: prepared from serum and consisting of total anti-cardiolipin antibody (ACA total antibody) at only one concentration level. It is only used for the internal quality control of in vitro diagnostic reagent laboratory testing to observe and control the precision of the testing process or only for the monitoring and control of the testing process between clinical laboratories. It is not used with special testing equipment or testing kits, and is not used for quality control of special testing items.

The received laboratory samples shall be pre-treated and mixed, and the samples for analysis shall be obtained after being divided by appropriate methods. The amount of samples to be analyzed should generally meet the needs of testing, reexamination or confirmation, and sample retention. If samples for measurement uncertainty evaluation are required, the number of analytical samples should be increased. Sample preparation for analysis shall be carried out in a separate area. Use clean sample preparation tools and containers to avoid leakage and contamination. Analysis of samples, samples are sealed in a clean plastic bag or inert container. Label the sample and store it in the specified temperature environment.

Abstract: This paper designed with waste aluminum and KOH and sulfuric acid as raw materials for the preparation of alum, by changing the ratio of reactants, adding material order and reaction temperature conditions to find the preparation of alum conditions; and through the determination of product yield and Al content of product quality preliminary analysis, with the reaction yield and Al content comprehensive judgment better preparation conditions. The powder diffraction results of the product also show that the purity of the prepared sample is very good.

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