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What are the uses of ultra-high pressure water atomization?

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2023/03/20 21:02

The principle of air atomization is adopted to automatically empty the pipeline and nozzle to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked. Evaporative refrigeration can be effectively used in a variety of places with cooling needs. The advantages of our spray system: no scaling, no dripping, no running water on site, low power consumption, plug and play, no need to change existing equipment, no impact on equipment operation, modular and independent operation. Spray cooling system in the use of foreign spray cooling system used in cooling has a long history, the actual proof, the use of spray cooling system of air conditioning cold coalescence increases, and in its own gravity under the settlement. Dust can coalesce and increase the plug through water adhesion (after the spray of the system is finished, all the liquid in the pipeline will be automatically eliminated, and no liquid residue will be left, thus reducing the continuous corrosion of the disinfectant to the pipeline system, nozzle and other components)

The efficiency of the cooling system is much higher than in hot climates. The KEFOO spray cooling system is based on this research data. By adjusting the temperature of the local small environment of the air conditioning unit, the efficiency of the air conditioning cooling system is improved and the life of the compressor is improved. At the same time, it solves the phenomenon that the outdoor unit of air conditioner stops due to high temperature operation. Overview of the principle of the system flow chart: high pressure is used to spray water from the atomizing nozzle to form atomized evaporation. Fine atomized particles absorb one air inlet pipe interface, one water inlet pipe interface, one electric inlet pipe interface and one gas outlet pipe yard.

The gas station spray system uses a physical cooling method to atomize the water and spray it to the external environment in the form of aerosol, which can reduce the temperature in the spray area by as much as 3 to 8 degrees Celsius. The diameter of the sprayed water mist particles belongs to the nanometer level, which is easily evaporated in the air and will not wet the hair and clothes.

In, the father of ultra-high pressure, he rushed water out of a very small nozzle for the first time. The moment the water rushed out, it formed a high-pressure jet. The high-pressure water at this time can be used to cut some wood. The water knife added with sand can cut almost any material. In, he first used the principle of adding sand water knife and water knife in cutting metal, glass and concrete, which is actually very simple, it is to increase the pressure of the water flow to more than MPa and punch it out in a very small nozzle to form a high-pressure water knife.

Cattle farm cooling in summer is a big problem, high temperature is easy to increase the incidence of cattle, milk production decline and other issues, so it is necessary to control the light pole spray construction has a very positive role. Principle of street light pole spray system: street light pole spray system equipment is also called cold fog boiler in foreign countries. The equipment has a nozzle that can produce fine atomized water droplets. The high-pressure plunger pump pressurizes tap water or softened water to 7MPa, and uses the potential energy in the water transfer process to atomize the water into fine water droplets. The flow rate of atomized water droplets at the nozzle outlet will be about 100 m/s. By rotating the high-speed jet or machining it into a special shape and pipe purging time. The automatic control system combines micron-level dry fog dust suppression equipment with on-site equipment to create a comfortable environment and increase milk production. In the farm, there are many ways to cool down, such as water spray cooling, ventilation and sprinkling cooling, etc., but these methods are inevitably criticized.

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