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2023/03/27 21:10

Shenyang Vacuum Gas Atomization Powder Making Equipment Manufacturer: The metal material atomization powder making equipment system consists of 35k ultrasonic longitudinal vibration switch, disc-shaped special tool head and led driver for service facilities. After the sensor causes ultrasonic waves, they are transmitted to disc-shaped special tool head and converted into radial ultrasonic vibration. Before the consumer obtains the mechanical equipment, the mechanical equipment must be fixed (the positioning plate must be fixed).

Shenyang Vacuum Gas Atomization Powder Making Equipment Manufacturer: A certain type of motor is used to rotate the system. Before the middle part of the special tool head is properly heated (the working temperature is close to the metal material solution is suitable), the ultrasonic led driver is turned on, and the metal material solution is sprayed into the special tool head to atomize it to cause powder.

Shenyang Vacuum Gas Atomization Powder Making Equipment Manufacturer: The principle of ultrasonic metal material atomization cement grinding is to use ultrasonic vibrator (ultrasonic power supply) to convert general AC circuit into high-frequency electromagnetic oscillation, then convert it into high-frequency reliability analysis through inductor, then expand the amplitude through horn and pass it into special tool head. When the metal liquid contacts the special tool head, a layer of surface layer is dissolved under ultrasonic vibration. When the cabinet table of the special tool head reaches a certain amplitude, the thin liquid layer is shattered and thrown out from the middle surface to cause atomization.

Shenyang vacuum gas atomization pulverizing equipment manufacturer: an enterprise that produces and processes metal powder and metal powder (including powder penetrating into a small amount of non-metallic materials) as raw materials and produces processed materials and commodities by forming-sintering method. With the development trend of today's production and processing technology, powder metallurgy products as a substitute for basic metal materials casting, forging, grinding and structural complexity can not be grinding mechanical parts, the scope of application of its service facilities continue to expand.

In addition, the software of the high-pressure micro-mist humidification system in the knitting factory uses the original imported anti-splash micro-mist nozzle, which has high diameter accuracy, standard and uniform atomization angle of view, spiral atomization, air humidifier sprayer particle diameter is only 5-7.5μm, and the endothermic reaction at a reasonable space distance of about 1.5m-2m can be changed from liquid to vapor state, digested, absorbed and vaporized by air, without causing condensation and soaking machinery and equipment, no impact on workshop equipment.

Reasonable removal of static electricity to air for peer atomization to promote the flow of air sprayer. Able to quickly achieve indoor space atomization humidification of uniform environmental humidity! Can achieve excellent removal of static electricity practical effect. Steel is one of the key raw materials for contemporary manufacturing.

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