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What are the characteristics of the combined atomization of water and gas?

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2023/04/03 21:06

Since the beginning of this year, the Medical High-tech Zone (Gaogang District) has firmly grasped the correct direction of reform, aimed at improving the efficiency of government services in the field of construction engineering, optimizing the examination and approval of municipal engineering construction projects, actively exploring the implementation of installation, and truly realizing it. open a new mode of municipal public infrastructure installation and access. Recently, it has become a service enterprise in the installation area.

Atomized alloy powder is currently the most widely used metal powder, mainly divided into gas atomization, water atomization and water-gas combined atomization. The oxygen content of water atomized powder and water-gas combined atomized powder is high, and inert gases such as nitrogen and argon are usually used as media in the preparation process of gas atomized powder, and the technical requirements of gas atomization technology for atomizing nozzles are also high. Many factors, such as the atomization method and the different choice of atomizer, will affect the properties of the atomized alloy powder. The gas atomized powder has good sphericity and low impurity content; the water atomized powder is irregular.

The joint service center has been completed and put into operation, and other districts and counties are also carrying out the construction of joint service centers at the same time. It is expected that full coverage of cities and counties will be achieved in mid-October.

The implementation of synchronous promotion. In view of the pain points such as blocking the installation and access links of municipal public infrastructure in the field of construction engineering, the enterprises involved in the installation and application of electricity, water and gas network are investigated, the actual situation of the project is analyzed in detail, and the processes of each operating unit are straightened out. After that, the scheme joint review, joint reconnaissance, joint construction and joint acceptance are carried out together with the operation units such as electricity, water and gas network are organized to uniformly issue the review results, also reduce the construction of disturbing the situation.

Atomized alloy powder is currently the most widely used metal powder, mainly divided into gas atomization, water atomization and water-gas combined atomization. Since 2018, the total sales volume of China's six major atomized alloy powder manufacturers has gradually increased, taking atomized steel powder in atomized alloy powder as an example, the total sales volume of China's major manufacturers from 2018 to 2020 is 10,000 tons, 10,000 tons and 280000 tons, respectively, the growth rate is, and. China's total sales growth of atomized iron powder is mainly due to the overall recovery of the automotive market led to the growth of iron powder sales, metal injection molding with increased demand for alloy powder and other multiple factors.

It is understood that it is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of high-end metal powder, mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of metal powder. The company adopts the international advanced vacuum high pressure atomization powder technology, the establishment of a number of vacuum gas atomization, water gas joint atomization production line, to adapt to a variety of metal powder production, the main products are widely used in metal powder injection molding (MIM), granulation, coatings, smart phones, medical equipment, thermal spraying, brazing and filters and other fields.

The relevant person in charge of the company said.

Since the beginning of this year, the Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone (Gaogang District) has deepened system innovation, implemented process reengineering, organized, and other four municipal public installation reporting companies to hold a regional installation promotion meeting, and made every effort to build a municipal installation approval model. By reducing links, materials, time limit and times, it has promoted the efficiency of approval, accelerated and increased efficiency, promoted the electricity, water and gas network installation business, further optimized the business environment and improved the level of government service.

Establish a standardized process. In order to further simplify the processing process and provide enterprises with high-quality and convenient approval services, a special window for electricity, water and gas network installation is set up in the district government service hall. The installation window runs according to the mode of, avoiding the enterprise. The application materials required by enterprises such as power supply, water supply, gas supply and communication are compressed into one form, and enterprises can handle all relevant service matters by submitting only one form to the installation window.

(Reporter Correspondent) Recently, the integration of service resources and business information has opened a joint office window in the supermarket, combined with the online one-time office window of APP, and through the establishment of a service model, the online and offline joint office has been realized to provide citizens with more convenient and high-quality Inclusive public service.

Create a new model of joint management. Promote the power business hall on-line installation services, the construction of shared business demonstration outlets. Expand the electricity, water, gas and heating joint service scene, the government service hall will speed up the power business into the joint office matters, the implementation of unified centralized standardized management. By the end of May, joint online and offline offices will be realized.

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