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General melting furnace need to know

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2023/10/09 20:49

After years of R & D and technical experience accumulation, the company has successfully mastered the high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, high conductivity and other high standard aluminum alloy composition ratio and process, we have mastered the core technologies related to recycled aluminum, such as aluminum liquid refining technology, aluminum alloy chemical composition uniformity technology, deep bed filtration slag removal technology, smelting furnace combustion system improvement technology, smelting furnace refining technology, shallow segregation layer aluminum rod casting technology, high straightness aluminum rod casting technology, aluminum rod homogenization technology, aluminum rod high precision sawing technology, etc., which provide sufficient technical support for the smooth implementation of the project.

Since the company's strategic transformation of superalloy business in 2015, it has invested heavily in international special equipment for smelting and testing, built casting superalloy production lines and deformed superalloy production lines, and customized international advanced vacuum induction melting furnaces, vacuum consumable melting furnaces, protective atmosphere electroslag remelting furnaces, high-frequency high-speed intelligent control 45MN/50MN fast forging machines and other equipment. Such advanced equipment is the company's continuous research and development of new materials, advanced smelting and other materials production of key technologies, to provide high-quality high-temperature alloy products to aero engines, gas turbines and other fields of important resource elements, but also one of the company's core competitiveness.

(3) Fire-enriched oxygen side blowing process: The core difference between oxygen-enriched side blowing and the traditional laterite nickel ore fire-high ice nickel technology path is to replace the electric furnace with a melting furnace and change the vulcanization method.

On September 29, when administrative law enforcement personnel carried out law enforcement inspection on a rubber company, they found that the company had three violations, all of which were involved, namely: no mechanical locking device was installed at the aluminum water outlet of two fixed smelting furnaces in the aluminum wafer workshop; There is no liquid level monitoring and alarm device at the aluminum water outlet of the fixed smelting furnace and the flow tank interface, and it is not interlocked with the quick cut-off valve of the flow tank; the fixed smelting furnace aluminum water chute is not standardized with emergency discharge facilities.

In terms of sewage, the company has established sewage treatment stations and other treatment equipment. In terms of exhaust gas, the company has equipped with exhaust gas smelting furnace, bag filter, multi-tube cyclone dust collector and other processing equipment. The above facilities and equipment are in normal operation.

Carry out inspection of key equipment and facilities. If there is a smelting furnace that is out of use during the Spring Festival, furnace lining inspection shall be carried out. If the lining is cracked and the thickness does not meet the requirements, the lining must be repaired. All shutdown equipment must be in accordance with the process, the furnace body drying.

The company is a new material manufacturer of cast aluminum alloy and functional alloy, and has successfully developed high-purity A356 aluminum-silicon-magnesium-titanium alloy, energy-saving automatic melting furnace group and 60km radius aluminum liquid transportation technology.

(I) of August 2020, the defendant Dong leased part of the production plant site, purchased and installed smelting furnaces, dust removal machines, dismantling machines and other equipment, ready to do waste lead battery dismantling business.

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