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How to choose the medium frequency diathermy furnace

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2023/12/11 20:18

Cooling of hydraulic pressure, electroplating solution, etc., such as, rectifier equipment, induction diathermy furnace, injection mold and other large mold cooling, medium frequency power supply and electric furnace, heat preservation furnace and other cooling, industrial solution cooling, electric welding equipment, intermediate frequency quenching equipment, high, diesel engine, metal die-casting mold, such as quenching liquid, induction heating, large motor. The appearance of the product is beautiful. According to different occasions, there are single-stage two-stage three-stage washing methods.

Recently, inspections have been carried out in various places, and the foundry and steel industries have been on the list of key inspections. In recent years, continuous environmental protection transformation and upgrading, most foundry enterprises have changed equipment, and the smelting process is also a high incidence of accidents. But companies tend to focus on thyristors, reactors, capacitors, busbars and coils, ignoring the cooling water. The cooling water is very important in the use of medium frequency heating furnace. The medium frequency power supply and coil will generate a lot of heat in use. If the heat is not taken away in time, the components and furnace body equipment of medium frequency power supply will be damaged, bringing huge hidden dangers to production operations. Therefore, cooling water is needed for cooling. In particular, the induction coil of the furnace body will cause serious accidents in case of water shortage or insufficient flow, so now the supervision department strictly investigates the hidden dangers of the cooling water system of the production furnace body.

Strip steel is what we often say is formed by melting scrap steel and then pouring it into a simple cast iron mold for cooling. Its product diameter and tensile strength are difficult to meet the national standards. Most products have brittle fracture and serious hidden dangers in quality. Many people equate ground steel with ground steel, believing that as long as it is produced, it is wrong to say that it can only show the sex you don't understand. The following small editor will analyze the relationship with ground steel from the aspect of sex.

Abstract: Mathematics as a more abstract, logical discipline, for primary school students has a certain degree of difficulty, however, in order to improve the efficiency of mathematics learning, students need to take the initiative to participate in learning activities, and actively think and explore, due to the lively nature of primary school students, attention is not enough to concentrate, self-restraint ability is poor, can not be well integrated into the teaching, therefore, teachers need to carry out the arrangement of game activities in mathematics teaching, in order to improve students' interest in learning and gather their attention, this paper mainly combines their own teaching experience, talk about the specific setting strategy of game activities in mathematics teaching, hoping to provide a feasible reference for the majority of readers.

We understand that the role of water circulation in production is to take away the heat generated in production. However, the temperature in winter in the north is relatively low. In the absence of heat load, the circulating water and spray water in the pipeline will freeze due to low ambient temperature, thus causing damage to the heat exchange and spray system pipeline expansion, which will not affect the normal operation of production. So in the north of the winter cooling tower how antifreeze? Xiaobian to introduce the cooling tower antifreeze method!

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